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Morehead State University delivers strong and affordable education for friendly, ambitious students who thrive in a student-focused learning environment defined by small class sizes and faculty committed to teaching and student success.

摩尔黑德(Morehead)位於肯塔基州(Kentucky)东北部,人口约5千9百人,离州内第二大城- 勒新顿(Lexington)约1小时车程。摩尔黑德座落在丹尼尔布恩国家森林(Daniel Boone National Forest)苍翠的群丘之中,邻近美丽的渡假湖区- Cave Run Lake。这里是肯塔基民俗艺术中心(KentuMSU_Eagles_Logo.svgcky Folk Art Center)的所在地,摩尔黑德州立大学及市内各艺术机构更提供了各种音乐及戏剧表演。从六月至十二月月初更有大小文化盛事,包括音乐节、本地艺术展出、怀旧小提琴大会等。 摩尔黑德四季分明,冬季一月平均温度在摄氏负6度至5度之间,夏季七月及八月平均温度在摄氏17度至31度之间,春季四月平均温度在摄氏4度至19度之间,秋季十月平均温度则介於摄氏6度至21度之间。气候大致来说舒适宜人。户外运动爱好者更可至Cave RunLake区域从事露营、高尔夫球、骑马、钓鱼及划船等运动。 摩尔黑德州立大学占地500英亩,有著友善气氛的校园内绿荫遍布,主要建筑约50栋,包括了教学大楼、娱乐及健康中心、学生宿舍等设施,校园北边还有一处老鹰湖(Eagle Lake)。校内网球场、垒球场、高尔夫球练习场一应俱全,此外还有足球及美式足球场内有重量训练中心,可容纳4,000人的体育馆内可见到大学排球校队挥汗练习,学术及体育综合大楼内更有电脑中心、可容纳6,500观众席的体育馆及篮球场、游泳池等。另外大学书店、邮局、学生餐厅也都方便了学生的日常生活。
  • 144 undergraduate degree programs — 13 associate level degrees and 131 baccalaureate degrees
  • 4 colleges — Caudill College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; College of Business and Technology; College of Education; and College of Science
  • 78 graduate degree programs
  • Education specialist program in five specialty areas
  • Master’s degree for physician assistants, social workers and a cooperative doctoral program, in partnership with the University of Kentucky
  • Doctoral degree in education
  • 1 of 5 institutions in the U.S. with a bachelor’s degree in space science
  • SACS accredited
  • 1st institution in Kentucky to offer a complete degree program online, the Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • View MSU’s academic programs
摩海德州立大学是1887年成立的美国公立男女混合学校,得到南方院校联盟的认证。摩海德州立大学名列美国新闻与世界报道所评选的“2009年美国最好的大学”之一,这已经是该校连续第五年获此殊荣。 学校现开设预科、本科和硕士以及教育学博士课程,同时提供网络课程。开设的主要专业有:会计、农业科技、农业、农业经济、农业教育、农学系、动物科学、一般农业、生物科学、商业和信息技术教育、环境化学、通信、广告/公共关系、新闻、组织和人际沟通、生产、计算机信息系统工程技术、英语、环境科学、运动科学、财经、法语、地理、地球系统科学、政府、健康教育、历史、人文科学、儿童发展、影像科学、中学教育、社会研究、社会工作、社会工作与重点区域分析、西班牙语、特殊教育等。
Morehead State was recognized for the 11th consecutive year as one of the top public universities in the South in the 2015 edition of “America’s Best Colleges” by U.S.News & World Report. MSU was recognized in 2013 by The Daily Beast as a top underrated school.
In 2013, G.I. Jobs magazine ranked Morehead State in the top 20 percent of veteran-friendly colleges, universities and trade schools in the nation, for the fifth straight year.
Top undergraduate majors: Nursing, Social Work, Biomedical Sciences, Special Education, Elementary Education, Business, Accounting, Agriculture, Sociology, Kinesiology and Exercise Science, Radiologic Sciences, Psychology, and Music
Average Freshmen ACT: 22 (as of Fall 2013)



Physically, the University is located in the foothills of the Daniel Boone National Forest in Rowan County. The more than 700-acre main campus within the city limits of Morehead includes more than 50 major structures with a total replacement value of more than $650 million. Beyond the city, the University’s real estate holdings include the 320-acre Derrickson Agricultural Complex, Eagle Trace, a par-72, 6,902-yard public golf course, and 166-acres of the Browning Orchard. The instructional plant includes 135 classrooms and 150 laboratories. Housing facilities include space for approximately 2,900 students in a variety of living styles, including traditional residence halls, suites and apartments. The University has erected a space tracking system in partnership with NASA. The second component of the Space Science Center opened in 2009 — a $16.6 million instruction and research support facility.


  • MSU operates on annual budget of $135.7 million (approximately $41 million provided by the state and $67.4 million coming from tuition and fees)
  • Grants and contracts from external sources for research, service and academic/student support projects generate more than $17 million each year.
  • Annual private gifts to the University, through the MSU Foundation Inc., average $3 million annually.


MSU is designated as a StormReady campus by the National Weather Service, with severe weather plans with personnel prepared to deal with weather emergencies.

StateUniversity.com has ranked MSU among the safest campuses in Kentucky.


  • MSU has awarded nearly 64,000 degrees.
  • 1,170 full-time employees
  • More than 11,000 students
  • Student body represents 108 Kentucky counties, 44 states and 29 nations
  • The University welcomes more than 50,000 visitors annually.
  • Economic impact on the Morehead area is estimated at more than $90 million yearly.
Updated July 2014
– See more at: http://www.moreheadstate.edu/aboutmsu/#sthash.8SKwj9Q1.dpuf

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